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Healing & Deep Relaxation

Activate and support your body’s natural energy flow to facilitate your health and self-healing in order to help reduce pain, anxiety, and fatigue, relieve stress and depression, increase mental clarity, and create a sense of well-being of Body-Mind-Spirit .

Healing Touch Therapy

Restore energy and vitality; Reduce pain, stress, anxiety, & side effects from medical procedures; Accelerate healing.

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Healing Touch Therapy

Reiki Energy Therapy

Promote deep relaxation and Body-Mind-Spirit healing,

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Reiki Energy Therapy

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation is clinically proven to increase one's ability to manage pain, stress, and anxiety.

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Mindfulness Meditation

Experience Deep Relaxation

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Initial Consultation Plus 1-Hour Session

  • Healing Touch Energy Therapy
  • Reiki Energy Energy Therapy

1-Hour Follow Up Session

  • Healing Touch Energy Therapy
  • Reiki Energy Therapy

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