Hours By Appointment

Mon - Thu: 10AM - 7PM; Fri - Sun 11AM - 4PM

“Chris’s work is deep, generous, subtle, intuitive and compassionate. I was moved physically, emotionally and spiritually to a clearer and more authentic place in myself, and for that I am very grateful. Thank you Chris.” —Anna W. 

“My sessions with Chris really helped with my meditation practice. During my sessions with Chris I experienced a deep inner stillness that I never experienced in my meditation. She helped me tap into that peaceful place where I felt calm and connected to myself.”  —Tamara T.

“Chris has been sharing her Healing Touch gifts with those people receiving cancer treatment at the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center for the past year.  She has such a lovely way of making everyone who walks into the sanctuary for a session feel welcomed, supported, seen and loved. It just emanates from her.   When you are in her presence you feel held and holy. On the table, her ability to listen to her intuitive sense is strong and often guides her sessions leaving one with a deep healing experience.  She is a gifted healer!” —Jean Marie Rosone, Coordinator of Oncology Integrative Medicine-Atlantic Health 10/2018